At your side since 1980

We are a Funeral Casket Industry located in the city of Cabrália Paulista, in the interior of the state of São Paulo, which since 1980 has solidified itself in the market through an ethical stance, always seeking innovation within the standards of quality and necessity required by our customers.


Passionate about Inspiring Others

We are the only industry that serves the entire national territory, through a team of professionals that every day seeks excellence in service. Currently, we also have a share in the international market where our standard of satisfaction and quality is proven.


We are also an ecologically conscious company, always using a renewable source of raw material, where all the wood used comes from reforestation, in addition to making sure that all the raw material used meets strict quality standards.

Our entire line of products meets the needs of the market, its regional particularities and respect for its culture. Our products serve from basic and assistance to the most sophisticated standards required by the market.

Another differential we have is the partnerships signed with the most respected funeral directors in the country, which demonstrates the reliability and quality of our products.